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Introducing Evan Moffic

Discover what practices will help you feel a greater sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose in your life.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, where you’re from, what side of the political debate you stand on, or what ethnicity you are. We all have one thing in common.

We all want to live a happier and more meaningful life.

I believe this to be true with every cell in my body and have made it my life’s work to help you on that journey to find the happiness and contentment in your life and in the lives of those in your community.

From the moment Evan Moffic stepped in front of the crowd, we knew that we had chosen the right speaker. He handled the material with thoughtfulness and humor, and left many wishing they could spend the entire afternoon with him.

Tekki Lomnicki
True Value Company, LLC

Moffic is the rabbi we’d love to call our own — wise and kind,
humble and good beyond words.

Chicago Tribune

Evan Moffic is a very inspirational speaker. His stories helped build bridges and break down fences.

Dilnaz Waraich
Muslim Community Center, Interfaith Committee Coordinator

Spiritual wisdom meets positive psychology,
showing that the examined life is not an unhappy one.

Adam Grant
New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE, and coauthor of OPTION B

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