3 Lessons from the Secret Vatican Archive

By Rabbi Evan / March 14, 2019

For many years, I’ve heard rumors about a secret Vatican archive. This archive holds papers detailing the actions of Pope Pius II during the Second World War. 

Why did he not protest when the Nazis emptied Rome of its Jews? Should he have spoken out? Did he tacitly help Nazi criminals after the war? Or did he do what he could behind the scenes to aid the allies? 

The secret Vatican archive may soon reveal the answers to these question. What will we learn? Is it important? Will it reveal anything useful for Christians and Jews?

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5 Ways to Stop the Spread of Anti-Semitism

By Rabbi Evan / March 6, 2019

Today the US Congress plans to pass a resolution condemning antisemitism.

The immediate imputes for the resolution are the remarks by Representative Ilan Omar. She said American Jews support Israel because they are more loyal to Israel than America.

The resolution also comes in the wake of a tremendous rise in antisemitic incidents in the United States. Jews are the #1 victim of hate crimes in America. This truth shocked me when I saw it, and that’s why I wrote First the Jews. 

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3 Ways to Combat Anxiety

By Rabbi Evan / March 4, 2019

A reader sent a question recently. He asked if Judaism sees anxiety as a sin.

He pointed to a verse in the Christian Bible where it says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Do not be anxious about anything… Is this possible? Are we doing something wrong when we feel anxious?

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What Do You Say to Someone In Pain?

By Rabbi Evan / February 28, 2019

Have you ever had a friend or family member who was suffering? Perhaps they had just gone through a divorce? Perhaps they had lost a parent? Perhaps they were sick and in the hospital?

All of us have probably faced this situation many times. What do you say? How do you comfort them?

Some people knew to have a knack for knowing exactly what to say. But most of us struggle…

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How to Love Your Critics: 5 Ways to Deal with Criticism

By Rabbi Evan / May 31, 2018
A mentor once advised me that a good rabbi needs a strong ego. We deal with much criticism because clergy often become the target of people’s frustration with God, life and the inevitable experiences of pain and suffering. But I’ve learned that criticism is inevitable. Dealing with it takes effort. The same is true for everyone. While I am fortunate to serve a loving and supportive community, I, like everyone, face occasional hostility. It could be a sermon, a decision, something said in passing. How do we survive it? How do we deal with it? Here are five responses that work. Continue reading

How To Write a Eulogy: 7 Guidelines

By Rabbi Evan / May 14, 2018
how to write a eulogy

I have a strange obsession with eulogies. It might be an occupational hazard. I have to deliver at least one eulogy a week.

I’ve also heard hundreds of eulogies from family members and friends. Many inspired me and made me look at my own life differently. And learning from good example eulogies helps sharpen my writing. Continue reading
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