Discover what practices will help you feel a greater sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose in your life.

Speaking Topics

Appreciating Our Neighbors Around Us:
What You’ve Always Wondered About America’s Jews

The heritage of Jewish Americans reveals what is possible in our country. Join “America’s rabbi” for a look into the history and customs of Jewish Americans and what contributions they have made for people of all faiths and cultures. Ask the questions you’ve always had and dispel the myths you’ve wanted to explore. This program is appropriate for a “lunch and learn” in a corporate setting, a school program or a group discussion in any house of worship or community center

From JOB to JOY:
How To Find Meaning in What You Do, Whatever You Do.

A meaningful and soul-fulfilling job is not just for doctors, nurses or teachers. Every job serves another. And in serving others, we find meaning and purpose in our work. Discover the ways you can uncover the deeper purpose of your work, for your team and for your organization. This program is ideally suited to a corporate team of middle managers, C-Suite Executives and those who support them.

Reaching Real Diversity:
How to Appreciate and Honor Different Religions in Home and Work.

Diversity exists in many forms. One of them is religion. Although religion may seem an awkward topic to discuss in the workplace, it does not have to be. Truly appreciating our religious values, similarities and differences builds stronger teams and relationships. In this program, you will discover how to create an inclusive and understanding workplace, and 10 universal practices rooted in our beliefs that can help us find ways of peace at work and at home.