Does God care who wins the Super Bowl? Do you?

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Well, if you’re from Philadelphia or Boston you might.

But I don’t think God does. I don’t think God is waiting to see which teams prays harder.

But what about the pre-game prayers? What about the pastors who come into the locker rooms? Do they matter?

I think we can find some guidance from what Tim Tebow said. Tebow was often criticized for his wearing his faith so proudly. He prayed before each game with devotion and consistently.

But here’s what he also said: He said he does not pray to win the game. He prays he makes the right decisions. He prays for guidance.

That’s something each of us can do.

God may not have a favorite team. But God does have a favorite book. And that book is our guide to a life of ultimate victory.

With warmest wishes, Rabbi Evan

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Rabbi Evan

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