Tonight is both the third night of Hanukkah and the Jewish Sabbath. Which is more important? Well, If we were forced to choose, we would say the Sabbath, and the reason is stunningly beautiful. 

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It rests in the Jewish understanding of peace. Consider the following hypothetical: It is the Sabbath, and you have only enough oil for one candle  How do you use it Do you light a Hanukkah candle or the Sabbath candle? According to the Jewish sages, you light the Sabbath candles

Why? The lights of Hanukkah remind us of war. The Sabbath symbolizes peace. Even though the war remembered by Hanukkah was one of the Jewish people’s greatest  victories, peace is our central concern.

As the greatest Jewish sage Maimonides put it, “Great is peace, for the whole Torah was given to promote peace in the world.”

Rabbi Evan

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