A poor man was wandering from town to town with a heavy load of all his earthly possessions on his back.

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A wagon driver saddled up next to him and offered to give him a ride to the next town. The relieved pauper complied.

After a few miles, the wagon driver stopped for a rest. He looked back into his wagon and saw that the man was still carrying the load on his back.

“Why are you still carrying your load? You can put it down in the wagon!”

The pauper responded, “You have been so kind to offer me a ride. I cannot possibly impose upon you to ask you to carry my heavy load as well.”

God carries the whole world and still we think that we have to carry it ourselves. Letting go—forgiving—releases a burden bringing us down. Few acts add more to our satisfaction and well-being.

Who do you need to forgive? What is holding you back?

Chapter Nine from my upcoming book—The Happiness Prayer: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for the Best Way to Live Today—will help you answer those questions and teach the ways forgiving makes us happier and healthier.

You can pre-order the book now and get a specially-designed prayer card immediately. All you have to do is forward the receipt to me.

Rabbi Evan

I show the way Jewish wisdom make our lives richer and happier. In particular, I help Jews appreciate their heritage and Christians uncover the Jewish roots of their faith. Get my FREE Jewish holidays cheat sheet by clicking here.

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